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In the fall of 2016, I was introduced to art for the first time since middle school. I had not picked up a brush or a crayon (with the exception of coloring with my nieces) in so long that I couldn't evebn recall having ever done any art. Yet, as I began sketching and painting that fall, I discovered a passion and aptitude for art.

I began by using watercolors and doing some sketching. About a month later, I begain working in pastels. With both mediums I discovered that, while I had the ability to produce adequate artworks, they didn't give me the felling that my work was artistic and real.

In the spring of 2017, I began working with acrylics and found them more fulfilling. The realistic quality of my work improved and I felt that I was producing artworks that were of higher quality and more realistic. I desired to try oil painting, but the fumes from turpentine and paint thinner prevented me for moving to this medium, especially since my "studio" was a 12x16 foot room.

Then I made an important discovery. Completely by chance I came across a relatively new medium: water mixable oils. These oil paints claimed to perform identically to traditional oil paints. The difference, however, was that they could be thinned with water and the brushes cleaned up with simple soap and water.

A little skeptical, but willing to try anything that would offer me an opportunity to work with oil paints, I purchased a small set to try. I was stunned at how well the water mixable oils performed. My paintings were very realistic and most importantly I could not tell the difference between these and standard oil paints.

My work since July 2017 has been primarily in water mixable oils and I must say that I find them so fulfilling. The works I have produced have a realistic and professional quality that I never thought I had within me to produce. I hope you will enjoy my gallery of artwork and if you are interested in any of my works please contact me.

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